179 - Can't kill my dream - Walter Pichler

Porträt gezeichnet von Margarete Glaser
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As a retired English-teacher and headmaster of an Upper-Austrian school I had planned to live the rest of my life in peace and quiet dedicating my time mostly to making music.
How wrong I had been!
From 2020 on we tumbled and stumbled between pandemic, impacts of global warming, increasing (energy) prices and similar problems until all that culminated in warfare in 2022 – all in all a hopeless scenario.
2022 has really been a demanding year!
I am very much aware of my (still) privileged position in the middle of Europe but in the end I did not want to worry about the situation anymore – so what could I do to escape this negative spiralling flow?
I wanted to DO all I could do without creating the impression that I was pitying myself, so I decided to write a song with a strong message trying to express my thoughts of hope, setting my expectations high and refusing to give up!

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